Howl! Happening Gallery Opens in East Village

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arturovegaSandwiched between Extra Place — where bands once unloaded equipment through CBGB’s back-alley door—and the Bowery, a new art space,  Howl! Happening supports emerging artists and salvages some of that old-school, East Village sense of community.

“There’s an attempt at remembering, an attempt at continuing this vibe,” Bob Holman, Bowery Poetry Club founder, said. “It doesn’t just start with punk, of course. The Bowery itself was the street of populous art. That’s why I wanted to put The Bowery Poetry Club here, and that’s why the New Museum is here. There are elements of the Bowery and its relationship with art, and Howl! Happening is one of the great signs that even in 2015, it continues.”



Dominique Ansel’s New West Village Bakery

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dominiqueanselThose hoping for the second coming of Cronuts won’t find the wildly popular, chewy, flaky croissant-doughnut hybrid at the pastry chef’s second New York City location. Mille-feuilles, baba au rhum, strawberry tarts with freshly macerated fruit, and other à la minute, or made-to-order, desserts are what the Cronut king has in store at his new West Village bakery. More

5 Reasons You Feel Old

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donutsMaybe you remember when the floppy disk was the holder of all things important, or you still can’t believe that Karate Kid actor Ralph Macchio is just as old today as Mr. Miyagi was when the first film came out. Perhaps, you still don’t know either of these references. Whatever your age, there are some things that can make you feel old before your time. Corey B. Schuler, a certified and registered nutrition practitioner, says that when it comes to younger men, there’s more to feeling and looking old. Underlying causes like stress, too much sugar in the diet, sun exposure—and even listening to loud music—are some of the real culprits making you look and feel older than your actual age. More

Foods That Make Your Body Freak Out

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oystersItchy and watery eyes, nausea, an attack of endless sneezes—these mild to severe symptoms plague the nearly 15 million Americans who suffer from food allergies, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Problem is, most of the time we don’t associate these freak-outs with food allergies, so they go unnoticed and untreated.

As more adults are being newly diagnosed with food allergies, it’s still unclear whether these allergies have simply gone unnoticed or have just developed over time, says Paul Bryce, Ph.D., associate professor of medicine, division of allergy-immunology, at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. More

How to Eat Like a Viking, Men’s Fitness

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Sure, theMediterranean diet continues to take top billing as the world’s healthiest eating plan. Low in saturated fat and high in antioxidants and fiber, the Mediterranean diet’s balance of fish, olive oil, fruits, legumes and vegetables may actually help you live a longer life. But is it really the best-for-you meal plan on the planet?

North of the Mediterranean—way north—there’s another eating routine that’s geared toward guys who want more energy, better performance (in the gym and at home) and some extra longevity. It’s called The Nordic Diet, and it’s the everyday meal plan of Fitness-conscious, green-minded Scandinavians from Oslo to Reykjavik.

While you might associate the region’s cuisine with starch-ridden potatoes and the gravy-soaked Swedish meatballs you’re likely to find at IKEA, most Nordics eat simple food that’s raw and in season. Read More

The Best Things to Do in Nashville, Men’s Fitness

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There’s always music playing somewhere in Nashville. It’s called Music City, after all. Deep in the heart of the Tennessee capital, visitors can also find lean eats(no matter how strange), all the live music they’ll ever want to hear—and some pretty cool duds.

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Back in Black: The Healthiest Food Hue, Mens’s Fitness

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Green or brightly colored vegetables and fruits have a horde of health benefits, but when it comes to nutrient-rich pigments there are benefits to going to the dark side. Onyx-hued veggies, fruits and grains contain higher levels of antioxidants than some of their lighter-colored counterparts. The anthocyanins, or near-opaque pigments, found in blackberries, beans or rice are packed with antioxidants.
“I encourage weekly, and in some cases daily, consumption of black foods due to high polyphenol, phytonutrient, antioxidant and vitamin and mineral concentration,” says Corey B. Schuler, functional medicine nutritionist at the Metabolic Treatment Center. Most raven-colored eats can also act as an anti-inflammatory agent, help lower risks of some cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It’s simple: Once you go black, you shouldn’t go back.  Read More