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The Raveonettes

Review originally appeared in The Music Magazine

There’s something nostalgic about opening track Bang from In And Out Of Control, The Raveonettes’ fourth studio album. A 60s, beach-y surf ride like “The Love Gang Of Love” from 2003 debut The Chain Gang Of Love, it’s a quick flashback to splashing in the pool, young love and no worries in the world, because Kids wanna bop out in the street all summer long. C’mon! Weren’t those the best times?

Alas, summer love doesn’t last forever, but the upbeat ride of “Control” still continues with hookier Gone Forever. In And Out Of Control is a storyboard of all of life’s ups and downs from the innocent, carefree days to the most depressive, heart wrenching experiences of life—heartbreak, addiction, death, even suicide and rape. But The Raveonettes have always had a knack for producing an emotional see-saw. Dane duo of Sune Rose Wagner and Sarin Foo are like the Mamas And The Papas that secretly enjoyed listening to My Bloody Valentine and The Cramps in the closet.

Heavier subject matter with pretty presentation, the pop-heavy “Last Dance” is about visiting a love for their umpteenth overdose while dance-y “D.R.U.G.S” is about feeding an addiction. An emotional roller coaster, The Raveonettes are skilled at taking the ugly and making is sound so damn pretty in “Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed).” Strange to hear a song about something so heinous sound so sweet, but they’re more like the new-wavey “Suicide.” Like the buzz one gets from a glass or two of vino, “Wine” kind of rubs off of the previous moodiness of In And Out Of Control and closes on the recurrent theme of lost, summer love.

Helmed by Danish producer, former Superheroes frontman Thomas Thoelsen, the band tried something different during the recording of In And Out Of Control. Streams of new songs were released on Myspace for fan feedback since the band wanted to interact more with fans than studio executives on tracks.

Maybe their fans are on to something. Maybe The Raveonettes are on to something. Even if In And Out Of Control sticks to the softer, pop-ness from the not-too-popular Pretty In Black (2005), there are still the reverb-drenched tunes like “Break Up Girls” or the Sonic Youth-pulsating “Heart Of Stone.” The Danish duo have their hands full with this album and have banged out one of the most complete portrayals of The Raveonettes to date.


~ by Tina Benitez-Eves on October 9, 2009.

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