Wolfmother, Cosmic Egg, The Music Magazine

Cosmic Egg (COVER ART: Invisible Creature)

Review originally appeared in The Music Magazine

Wolfmother have this uncanny ability to make you rock out like it’s 1975. Even if you weren’t a figment of your parents’ imagination 30-plus years ago, the fusion of fuzzy guitar crunches, Andrew Stockdale’s wailing tenor vocals and anthemic lyrics elicit a sonic boom of rock that’s more evident in the aussie quartet’s second full length release Cosmic Egg than in their 2006 debut.

Peer into starry eyes and star-crossed dreams in the stoner raunchiness of opening track “California Queen.” If it says anything about the remainder of Egg and the next 11 tracks, this may just be something good. The sing-along potential of “New Moon Rising” would likely help the track make the Twilight: New Moon movie soundtrack but would surely convert any Pattison-Stewart-loving teenyboppers into some real rock (no knock against the actual New Moon soundtrack, which has a sublime lineup).

Perhaps a subtle homage to Keith Richards (think Rolling Stones’s “Start Me Up”) on “White Feather” starts up the lighter fare on Egg. There’s less intensity in lovey-dovey “Far Away,” which at times chimes of Oasis. Things pick up on “In The Morning” as Stockdale’s pipes reach Geddy Lee proportions. In fact it’s all about the build up – the highs, the lows – with Wolfmother. No monotony here. Morning, like most songs provide a perfect end jam out – something Wolfmother have seemed to mastered in such a short lifespan.

Images of the beginning of time – kingdoms, castles, the rise and fall of civilization – in “10,000 Feet” lend to the trashier “In The Castle,” before it all ends with six-plus minutes of “Violence Of The Sun.”

Much like the album cover illustrated by Seattle bro-duo Invisible Creature, Egg hovers in its own psychedelic rock realm. Influences were worn on their sleeves from the Hendrix grooves of “Dimension” or punkier, Jack White-induced “Apple Tree” from their self-titled debut, but Wolfmother have hatched a different egg this time around. Sometimes the second time is a charm. In this case, we’re charmed, indeed.


~ by Tina Benitez-Eves on October 27, 2009.

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