The Kissaway Trail at Mercury Lounge, NY Press

Vocalists (l to r) Søren Corneliussen and Thomas Fagerlund of The Kissaway Trail kissing up to New York audience. (PHOTO: Patrick J. Eves)

The hand-written sign taped to the front of the keyboard read “$10 for a Kiss.” The Kissaway Trail meant business, but whether the Odense, Denmark quintet’s side business earned the band any Hamiltons during its first New York gig at Mercury Lounge last night, is unknown. What is clear is that the band was fluid from the second it hit the stage to the very last note.

Live, the eight-song set, mostly filled with tracks from the upcoming second album, Sleep Mountain, sounded less melancholy in the flesh and more upbeat than on record.

A grey-suspendered new band addition named Frank thrusted violently as he smacked together two tambourines while one of the band’s vocalists—and key songwriter— Thomas Fagerlund felt the different grooves, jumping behind and to the side of his keyboard from time to time never failing to interject between almost each song to check on the crowd. “Feel free to smile, dance, jump along,” he said before he and guitarist and other Kissaway vocalist Soren Corneliussen joined him on keyboards for dance-y Mountain track “New Lipstick.” He also reminds the crowd later on of their show the next night, but the band wasn’t entirely sure of the actual venue as they looked at one another quizzically repeating “Webster Hall?”

Fagerlund’s request went unfulfilled for the entire set, but the crowd was clearly enchanted. Still, opening track “Friendly Fire,” lit up the mostly full room with the exception of that foot-long open space between the front row crowd and the stage. Read entire story


~ by Tina Benitez-Eves on April 3, 2010.

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