Happy Days Are Here Again, NY Press

Sia (PHOTO: Liz Ham)

SIA’S HANDS BEGIN to shake uncontrollably. She has trouble breathing, and her voice is off. The feeling is all too familiar. One week earlier, the Australian singer had to cut her Vancouver show short when she suffered a mix of heat exhaustion and allergies that led to a panic attack. This time, she’s sitting in a trailer in Indio Valley at the Coachella music fest, hands shaking enough to prevent her from playing a simple game of Scrabble on her iPod.

“I just realized that I am not built for this job,” says the blond singer. “I need to be songwriting. I’ll promote the fuck out of this record, and then that’s it for me for being an artist. From now on I’m just going to write songs and get a real job. I feel like the hunted, and my flight response is constantly stimulated. I don’t know how people do it.”

Around midnight, Sia performs in Coachella’s Gobi tent, but again has to cut her set short by two songs because of what she calls a case of the “Vancouver” setting in. She manages to get through “Breathe Me” from 2004’s Colour the Small One and some new tunes from her forthcoming album We Are Born—out June 8—before leaving the stage. Read entire story


~ by Tina Benitez-Eves on May 6, 2010.

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