Brooklyn Welcomes Faith No More, NY Press

FNM's Mike Patton. (PHOTO: Patrick J. Eves)

“Nice to see you all,” said Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton, dressed in a peach suit. “It’s only been a fucking decade. You guys, you look older.” Everything was in sync at the Williamsburg Waterfront Friday night: red curtain backdrop, stunning sunset behind the crowd, pastel suits and a conductor’s stand front center. All was readied for the return of the newly reunited FNM—the band’s first show in New York City since the band parted in 1998.

A tangerine, rose and pastel blue icing topped the east river skyline. In front, hobbling like a man past his prime, Patton with wooden cane in hand, entered appropriately to the chimes of Peaches and Herb’s 1978 hit ”Reunited,” with keyboardist Roddy Bottum playing Linda Greene to Patton’s Herb Fame. Mid-way through, Patton belted out his famous vocals jabbing the cane in the air, at the audience and even lunging the entire mike stand into the front center amp, building enough momentum for the band’s catapult into Epic’s ”From Out of Nowhere” and ”Land of Sunshine” from 1992’s Angel Dust. Swagger regained, the now un-caned Patton regained his youth as the songs moved on. Patton’s stage antics included jumping around stage with microphone in mouth, hair whips and bending backwards while placing his hands behind his back in full submissive pose. Read entire story


~ by Tina Benitez-Eves on July 5, 2010.

One Response to “Brooklyn Welcomes Faith No More, NY Press

  1. How come every post I read is about the first show? I was there for night two, and it was great.

    You ever notice the similarities between Roddy Bottum and Paul Shaffer? 🙂

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