Brandon Flowers at Highline Ballroom, NY Press

(PHOTO: Torey Mundkowsky)

It’s the American rock dream: Man forms rock band in Vegas and hits the big time; man goes solo (not permanently) and sells out venues within minutes. This is what happened several weeks ago, when pre-sale tickets went on sale for The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers’ show at The Highline Ballroom. Last night, he packed the 700-person venue with fans, some who were on line—with chairs and books—as early as noon that day.

Hour upon hour, fans lingered, yet the show was over in a little more than one. No opening act, coupled with a short catalogue of songs, made the night seem short, yet it’s admirable that Flowers proceeded without pulling out too many Killers’ fan favorites. The exceptions: the unhurried, subtle “Losing Touch,” from the band’s third studio album, Day & Age, with an acoustic encore of “When You Were Young” from 2006’s Sam’s Town. Some held lighters in the air (remember when more folks did this?). The rest of the 11-song set was Flowers’ own creation, songs he’s been writing since the band finished recording Day & Age two years ago. Read entire story


~ by Tina Benitez-Eves on August 29, 2010.

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