CMJ 2010, NY Press

Brad Oberhofer

DAY 1: This week, it won’t be uncommon to see six or seven bands within the span of two hours if you’re motivated enough. A good starting point yesterday was the Lower East Side, particularly The Music Slut Day Party showcase at Pianos. The house was packed with some of the most buzz-worthy bands of the week all in one room. Oberhofer was performing downstairs. Soulful singer Brad Oberhofer looked like a 1950s greaser with his almost-slicked back hair and black leather jacket, and soothed the crowd with his willowy vocals on “Dead Girls Dance” a more sentimental track from his debut, o0O0o0O0o, which he sang after requesting that the lights be turned down. Read entire story

DAY 2:  It was like Bow Wow Wow all over again as the day kicked off early Wednesday at the Sneak Attack Showcase at The Delancey. Patrons packed the downstairs room for openers Kitten fronted by 15-year-old Chloe Chaidez. The petite punk rocker with a splash of red war paint on her fa

Cassette Kids

ce like a baby-faced Annabella Lwin nearly 30 years earlier but sounding more like X-ray Spex’s Poly Styrene,

purring into the mic and whipping her head like a laser beam in all directions. The Los Angeles quartet followed through first single “Kill the Light” from their debut EP Sunday School. Read entire story

Day 3: It’s hard to pinpoint the lead singer at first sight. The guitarist, drummer and pianist oscillate from song to song, and each member takes a turn on the mic throughout the set. This is the essence of Gringo Star. These folks are multi-instrumentalists and do it well, never distracting with their on-stage transfers. The band took its place at a

Gringo Starr

showcase yesterday at Fontana’s to a packed house that were there for something more than the free Radeberger as the band played tracks mostly from the 2008 release All Y’All. Like The Beatles with a dirtier, southern drawl; track, “Satellite,” even has some Oasis vibes, keeping in tune with their English beats. Together for nearly 10 years, the Atlanta-based quartet, started by brothers, bassist Nick Furgiuele and Peter Furgiuele (vocals) and drummer Peter DeLorenzo, go back to 2001 when they were known as A Fir-Ju Well. The name shifted to the more Beatles homage several years later, and it stuck. Gringo Star has their following—evident in the sardine-packed room last night—for this, a second year at CMJ. The band plays an 8 p.m. set at Ace of Clubs (9 Great Jones St.) this Saturday. Read entire story

Photos: Patrick J. Eves, except Brad Oberhofer.


~ by Tina Benitez-Eves on October 26, 2010.

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