Bash Compactor: Alt Art, NY Press

Shirley Manson's Peking Noodle.

A voluptuous woman blurred out, save for what seems to be a bulbous breast, a patch of pubic hair and a faint violet on her flesh, channels Picasso. The painting, by Frank Black, was one of 34 pieces on display by various artists, including musicians like Pete Wentz, Joby J. Ford from The Bronx and Adam Jones of Tool, last week at Sloan Fine Art in celebration of Alternative Press’ 25th anniversary. Marilyn Manson contributed a close self-portrait titled “Baby’s On,” a watercolor painting blushed with a willowy, red-and-orange figure. At $30,000 it was the priciest of the bunch. Garbage singer Shirley Manson’s “Peking Noodle,” an ode to Louise Bourgeois, the French artist who passed away earlier this year, was made of pink yarn and shaped like an eye with the words “soon you will be sitting on top of the world” scribbled on it. Shepard Fairey’s two pieces, album-cover silk screens, included an “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”-era tribute to Joan Jett and a collage entitled, “Half Face.” Read entire story


~ by Tina Benitez-Eves on November 1, 2010.

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