Voxhaul Broadcast Relive a Bad Trip at SXSW, Spinner.com

PHOTO: Kayt Jones

In their second-to-last SXSW show (of seven) Voxhaul Broadcast spiraled through a brief set at the PureVolume House. With no time to waste, the Orange County, Calif. quartet filled the next 25 minutes with six songs, mostly from their debut — ‘Timing is Everything’ — even sharing one story about a bad trip that inspired a great song.

Just two days earlier at the band’s Filter magazine showcase, singer David Dennis, whose semblance to the later singer Jeff Buckley up close is striking, described their ‘Timing’ track ‘Cheetah,’ one of the most anthemic and anticipated tracks of their set, as a (drug) trip gone bad.

The story: Dennis was driving the band’s van to rehearsal at a Los Angeles studio when the mushrooms that he took earlier started to kick in. As the hallucinogens flooded his mind, he parked the unlocked van and went inside and spent the rest of the night writing the punk-driven ‘Cheetah.’ By the next morning, the van was gone. Lesson learned, but in retrospect, the band laughs at the incident. It’s just part of rock ‘n’ roll. Read More


~ by Tina Benitez-Eves on March 20, 2011.

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