Back in Black: The Healthiest Food Hue, Mens’s Fitness

Green or brightly colored vegetables and fruits have a horde of health benefits, but when it comes to nutrient-rich pigments there are benefits to going to the dark side. Onyx-hued veggies, fruits and grains contain higher levels of antioxidants than some of their lighter-colored counterparts. The anthocyanins, or near-opaque pigments, found in blackberries, beans or rice are packed with antioxidants.
“I encourage weekly, and in some cases daily, consumption of black foods due to high polyphenol, phytonutrient, antioxidant and vitamin and mineral concentration,” says Corey B. Schuler, functional medicine nutritionist at the Metabolic Treatment Center. Most raven-colored eats can also act as an anti-inflammatory agent, help lower risks of some cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It’s simple: Once you go black, you shouldn’t go back.  Read More

~ by Tina Benitez-Eves on March 31, 2012.

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